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Bringing BSL Interpreter Services to Businesses

Most businesses base their content around the assumption that people will read their content. However, there is a growing number of people that prefer to receive information in videos, by listening to information, watching information or watching the British Sign Language version. Using QR code technology Sign Connect will take you businesses written content and produce it in an accessible format increasing your business inclusion. All videos are in British Sign Language with subtitles and voice overs. So many clients do not have English as their first language or find it hard to process written content and we help eliminate this problem.

Why are Sign Language Interpreter Services Beneficial to your Business?

Sign Connect is setting the standard for British Sign Language (BSL) interpreter services, delivering signed content that helps your business provide great customer service for every BSL user. Making sure your customers get the help they need, at the right time and in a way they can understand.

  • Increased customer retention

  • Attract new clients

  • Boost your online and offline presence

  • Meet the needs of more customers

  • Utilise an alternative format to present information

  • Breaks downs barriers

  • Increase your visibility and credibility

  • Be at the forefront of new equality and diversity methods

How does Sign Connect work for Your Business?

Why use QR codes?

  • The above image shows how the Sign Connect QR code will look on your document/web page.

  • Sign Connect QR Codes are unique two-dimensional bar codes that are readable by the Sign Connect app from any device.

  • The QR Codes can be scanned by the Sign Connect app, presenting videos in real time.

  • Each QR Code is unique to your document/web page it is located on and has a prerecorded interpretation of the visible content.

  • Customers can watch, read, listen and even store videos.

A QR code the size of a postage stamp can be added to any website page, letter, promotional flyer, health and safety bulletin to name but a few. When scanned with the Sign Connect App on a mobile phone a Deaf presenter will sign the information to the user in their native language.

Where can your business use the QR codes?

QR codes can be strategically placed in the following locations:

What do we offer?

  • Free consultation and quote

  • Bespoke prices to cater to your needs

  • Tapping into over a million people otherwise unreached

  • Professional voice over artists to match your companies ethos

  • Filming, voice overs and subtitles

  • Promotion by us to showcase your meeting accessibility standards

  • Accreditation certificate and logo for your website

  • 12 months support

  • Access to further training in Deaf Awareness, reasonable adjustments in the workplace and adaption guidance.


Equality and Diversity

You care about how accessible your business is to customers. No doubt equality and diversity are part of your business strategy. Sign Connect partners with your company to fill a void, presenting your content in a visual format for the deaf community and catering for many other ‘invisible’ disabilities too. Sign Connect is for:

 deaf people that cannot read or write to a high level,

People with autism that prefer sounds to written information.

For a blind person that cannot access written content on a website or a letter, and for

deafened people that prefer subtitles with a signer as opposed to just English.

Sign Connect also caters for people with Dyslexia, Dyspraxic and those on the autistic spectrum.

By taking the written and reading element out of the equation, your business can communicate with customers via auditory and sensory inputs instead.

For the UK, for the World

Sign Connect is a UK-based company, with technology that works in all countries. If you have a business in a different nation, you can still talk to us about a solution. We have international links as well as UK-based connections.

The use of British Sign Language Interpreters, plus the recent addition of Video Remote Interpreting are great tools for phone calls or meetings. Face-to-face appointments work best with an interpreter who can translate between the two languages, simultaneously.

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