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Sign Connect App store description

The Sign Connect app is a QR code reader that can read and store QR codes.

It recognises all common QR and barcodes and decrypts contact data, database scanner, texts, websites etc.


  • Scan QR and Barcodes
  • Read data from websites, letters, e-mail, events, contacts, social media,
  • History function stores all opened and read codes to be viewed again and again
  • Auto-detection just point the scanner at the code
  • It’s free
  • Unlimited use
  • Can be used alongside the Sign Connect website’s customised QR codes

How it works

  • Open the app
  • Point the camera at the code
  • That’s it. The scanner will automatically recognise any QR code your camera is facing

Designed to work alongside the website, turning written content into accessible videos.

All videos are made in Sign Language, with subtitles and voice overs. Videos are turned into QR codes which can be read and stored on the Sign Connect app.

About Sign Connect

The Sign Connect app uses the latest technology to read and store any QR code. The app recognises all common QR and barcodes and decrypts contact data, database scanner, texts, websites etc

The Sign Connect app has been designed to work alongside the website to help make everyday life more accessible for the deaf community and to increase the access to information that for so long has been a barrier.

Too much focus has been on written content and so Sign Connect turns this content into accessible videos which are stored as QR codes. These videos are in British Sign Language and have subtitles and voice-overs. It is also good for people that are Dyslexic, blind, have autism, learning difficulties and many other conditions. The app allows you to scan any QR code and then stores it in the history function so you can watch it again and again.

At Sign Connect, we strive for equal access and for content to be given it alternative ways and not just through written English. We adapt websites, letters, policies etc and produce it in a way where far more people can access it then they currently do.