What are Sign Connect QR codes?

  • The above image shows how the Sign Connect QR code will look on your document/web page.

  • Sign Connect QR Codes are unique two-dimensional bar codes that are readable by the Sign Connect app from any device.

  • The QR Codes can be scanned by the Sign Connect app, presenting videos in real time.

  • Each QR Code is unique to the document/web page it is located on and has a prerecorded interpretation of the visible content.

  • You can watch, read, listen and even store videos.

Where can I find Sign Connect QR codes?

When a business has partnered with Sign Connect, QR codes can be found in the following locations:

What’s on the video?

Who is Sign Connect For?

Deaf people that prefer on BSL over written English

Deaf people that like subtitled content

Autistic people that prefer sound

Blind people or those with a visual impairment

Deafened people that rely on lip reading and subtitles

Sign connect videos also benefit people with dyslexia, special needs and those with memory loss.