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The Sign Connect Story

Sign Connect started in 2017 when founder Vicki Frost, sign language interpreter, who was familiar with serving the deaf community and making life more accessible, experienced time and time again the struggle that the deaf community had reading information. British Sign Language is the first language for the deaf which makes even reading a simple letter a challenge.

Sign Connect has been designed to help make everyday life more accessible to the deaf community.  Sign Connect bridges the gap of communication between businesses and the deaf community.

Vicki Frost

Hello, I’m Vicki, founder of Sign Connect.

I have been a sign language interpreter since 2000 and I specialise in making conversations happen, championing the use of sign language interpreters. I have served across many fields, including medicine, education, social work and community outreach. This has give me a unique perspective into what can be done to bridge the gaps in communication between businesses, the deaf community and beyond.

Who’s behind the videos?

Sign connect bring in the skills of deaf presenters, interpreters, voice over artists and subtitle experts to make sure the videos are of the highest quality.

All videos are in British Sign Language and have subtitles and voice-overs and are accessible for people that are Deaf, Dyslexic, blind, have autism, learning difficulties and many other conditions.

For the UK, for the World

Sign Connect is a UK-based company, with technology that works in all countries. If you have a business in a different nation, you can still talk to us about a solution. We have international links as well as UK-based connections.

The use of British Sign Language Interpreters, plus the recent addition of Video Remote Interpreting are great tools for phone calls or meetings. Face-to-face appointments work best with an interpreter who can translate between the two languages, simultaneously.

Our Core Values